Welcome to SUREBOT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is fast becoming the essence of a well-organized life. This era of ‘connectedness’ is changing our personal lives as well as how companies do business. We, at SUREBOT, have ambitiously embraced this game-changer to introduce to the community smart, creative, well-tested and researched, customer-oriented hardware and software IoT initiatives for efficient and smart living.

Who we are?

SUREBOT Technology Solutions has worked with leading giants to create intelligent and highly cognitive automated systems. We have developed a comprehensive suite of products that provides freedom and flexibility to our customers in managing their IoT devices and data throughout the whole device lifecycle.

What we do?

We offer the means to facilitate communication between people and their devices, enabling them to create their own digital ecosystems. Our IoT solutions deliver optimal functionality and benefits to help you monitor and control your digital connections with highly secured and state of the art technology, enabling you to achieve your needs while making human lives easier.


Asset Tracking solution to track, trace, and monitor assets

Our Asset Tracking Solution allows real time positioning and visibility through a single point of contact to monitor, optimize usage, and prevent asset damage. By installing a GSM and GPS connected device attached to the asset, data is collected and sent to a server. Our solution combines SUREBOT’s product capabilities with the experience of the leading asset tracking providers.


A customized solution for future farms of all sizes

Our full-fledged farming solution automates your aeroponics and hydroponics farming – the new and innovative way to cultivate vegetables and fruits without soil. Our solutions have integrated sensor units to manage humidity, temperature, pH levels, dosing, and irrigation systems to instrument and automate the farm. Setting thresholds for optimum temperature, humidity, etc. triggers corresponding actions on this connected farm.


Smart wearable devices that integrate technology with a form factor of your choice

Our healthcare solution consists of wearable devices that extend the connectivity and transmission of health data from the patient to the physician. While allowing remote monitoring of vital signs and health stats, these devices also provide better visibility into patient health status allowing them to make more informed decisions about their health.


A customized solution for the equipment and industry safety

Our solution is a fire-preventive alert unit incorporating IoT and fire-prevention technologies. It is based on a wireless sensor network that detects the fire condition and transmits critical data to first responders – the fire brigade and the building owners - in real time, thereby minimizing the losses due to fire. The solution also provides a fire alarm and the exact location of the fire for immediate and quick response.


We are proud of our technical expertise and vast market experience that empowers us to identity gaps in the market for our customers. This uniquely positions us to be a pioneer in developing efficient and easily adoptable IoT solutions.


We offer a global and value-added IoT product capable of serving all your business needs, both locally and internationally.


We assure you complete personalized attention with our dedicated technical and resources team of experts.


Our responsiveness and innovation enable a fast time-to-market so you do not miss any business opportunity.


We offer end-to-end solutions customized to suit your specific requirements to enable a perfect IoT transformation.


Our deep expertise in IoT across industries allows us to provide you with an enhanced IoT transformation and experience through open communication, increased sensitivity to your needs, and on-time delivery as per your requirements.


Our core values form the fabric of our culture, support every component of our work, and provide a direction of who we strive to be. They articulate how we individually and collectively engage in in our work – both internally within our team and externally with our partners, customers, and the communities we serve.

Our diverse team of professionals are individually accountable and equally responsible to the project at hand and work together with a focus towards timely delivery of quality services as per the customer’s requirements. It therefore goes without saying that each member of the team works with honesty, reliability, open-mindedness, and consistency to fulfil the company's goals.

We are committed to our business partners, customers, and our community. Treating them with honesty, trust, fairness, and respect is most important to us.

We would love to help you and hear from you. Drop us a line and let us know what you are looking for, and we will write back soon.