Today, the Internet of Things is fast becoming the essence of a well organised life and new technology is rapidly changing the pace of development. We at SUREBOT are overly ambitious to introduce to the community smart, creative, well tested and researched, customer oriented hardware and software IOT initiatives for efficient and smart living.

Surebot is a company that is aware of the new challenges posed by today’s society

The Internet of Things is magically and dramatically boosting the pace of development both in the business and personal environmental arena. SureBot Technology Solutions has worked with leading giants to come up with intelligent and highly cognitive automated systems. We have developed a comprehensive suite of products that provides freedom and flexibility to our customers in managing their IoT devices and data throughout the whole device lifecycle.

So, what is it that we do?

We offer the means to facilitate communication between people and their devices, enabling them to create their own digital ecosystems, to monitor and control it by providing them with highly secured and state of the art technology, so as to enable them to achieve whatever they resolve and improve their quality of life.

Core Values is the fulcrum of an organisation which seamlessly links all departmental people, workflows and processes.

Our very diverse team of professionals, are held individually accountable and equally responsible to the project at hand and work together with a focus towards timely delivery of quality services as per customer requirements. It therefore goes without saying that each team member works with honesty, reliability, open-mindedness and consistency to fulfill the company's goals.

We are committed to our business partners, customers and our community . Treating them with honesty, trust, fairness and respect is most important to us .


We are proud to claim that with our technical expertise and our vast market experience, we are able to identity certain gaps in the market for our customers which make us uniquely positioned to be a pioneer in developing efficient and easily adoptable IOT solutions.

integrated Communication

Integrated communication channels between application and device is the most important aspect of IOT and we have the right technical expertise in this

Global Product

We offer a global and value-added IoT product capable of serving all of your business needs, both locally and internationally.


We offer end to end solutions customised to suit our customers specific requirements to enable a perfect IOT transformation . We are your one stop shop for your IOT solutions.

Fast Time to Market

Our responsiveness and innovation enable a fast time-to-market so you do not miss any business opportunity.

Fully Focused

We assure you complete personalised attention by our dedicated,technical and resources team of experts.

IoT Experience

We aspire to provide all our customers with an enhanced IOT transformation and experience through open lines of communication, increased sensitivity to their needs and on time delivery as per their requirements