An asset tracking and management solution suitable for powered and non-powered assets.

Our Asset Tracking Solution allows real time positioning and visibility through a single point of contact to monitor, optimize usage and prevent asset damage, by installing a GSM and GPS connected device attached to the asset, which collects data and sends it to a server. Our solution is a Top-notch product combining Surebot products capabilities and the experience of the world leading asset tracking providers.



Real time positioning, allowing to visualize the position of your assets in a map, and also having access to historic positions to review activity and answer claims


Wide variety of add-ons to monitor temperature, humidity or similar parameters. And supervise machine idle and downtimes or control the hours of usage of an asset or any of its electrical components.


Geofencing, speed, out-of-hour usage, and battery configurable alarms. Any deviation from their specifications is automatically reported via email or SMS


By identifying unwanted usage, availability to calculate operating costs per hour / machine / region and capabilities to integrate data with third ERP systems.

With our asset tracking and management solution, we offer:

A solution to achieve real-time control of any kind of assets with additional value added functionalities

A subscription model, without an upfront, to permit return of the investment from the first month of service

Global connectivity to allow tracking internationally (GPRS coverage required)