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Asset Tracking solution to track, trace, and monitor assets

Our Asset Tracking Solution allows real time positioning and visibility through a single point of contact to monitor, optimize usage, and prevent asset damage. By installing a GSM and GPS connected device attached to the asset, data is collected and sent to a server. Our solution combines SUREBOT’s product capabilities with the experience of the leading asset tracking providers.


Real time positioning allowing to visualize the position of your assets in a map, while having access to historic positions to review activity and answer claims.

Wide variety of add-ons to monitor temperature, humidity, or similar parameters. Supervise machine idle and downtimes or control the hours of usage of an asset or any of its electrical components.

Geofencing, speed, out-of-hour usage, and battery configurable alarms. Any deviation from their specifications is automatically reported via email or SMS.

Identify unwanted usage and availability to calculate operating costs per hour/ machine/ region. Also has capabilities to integrate data with third party ERP systems.

With our Assets Tracking and Management solution,
we offer:

A solution to achieve real-time control of any kind of assets with additional value-added functionalities

A subscription model, without an upfront, to permit return of the investment from the first month of service

Global connectivity to allow tracking internationally (GPRS coverage required)


A customized solution for future farms of all sizes

Our full-fledged farming solution automates your aeroponics and hydroponics farming – the new and innovative way to cultivate vegetables and fruits without soil. Our solutions have integrated sensor units to manage humidity, temperature, pH levels, dosing, and irrigation systems to instrument and automate the farm. Setting thresholds for optimum temperature, humidity, etc. triggers corresponding actions on this connected farm.


Early fault detection and diagnosis with intelligent sensors to control and monitor the farm. These sensors are connected to an IoT gateway.

Data from the sensors are collected at regular intervals of time and are uploaded to the cloud for monitoring. Analysis of this data can help improve productivity, streamline the automation process, and increase crop yield.

Get real-time updates from remote monitoring systems to take quick action. For example, the sooner you discover a drop in temperature or an equipment failure, the more plants you can save.

Our farming solution allows you to:

Reduce time to constantly monitor the hydroponic or aeroponic systems.

Track a variety of variables to take informed decisions.

Derive rich insights from smart sensors that can help address challenges and increase the quality, quantity, and cost-effectiveness of production.


Smart wearable devices that integrate technology with a form factor of your choice

Our healthcare solution consists of wearable devices that extend the connectivity and transmission of health data from the patient to the physician. While allowing remote monitoring of vital signs and health stats, these devices also provide better visibility into patient health status allowing them to make more informed decisions about their health.


Track the patient, especially in case of emergencies when devices gather and transfer data to doctors for real-time tracking.

Geo fencing, speed, out-of-hour usage, and battery configurable alarms. Any deviation from their specifications is automatically reported via email or SMS.

With our healthcare devices, we offer:

Lower costs as these connected medical devices allow healthcare providers to monitor patients in real time. Efficient data collection and management also means fewer visits to the doctor and less hospital stays.

Better patient experience as doctors improve diagnosis accuracy with all the necessary data at hand.


A customized solution for the equipment and industry safety

Our solution is a fire-preventive alert unit incorporating IoT and fire-prevention technologies. It is based on a wireless sensor network that detects the fire condition and transmits critical data to first responders – the fire brigade and the building owners - in real time, thereby minimizing the losses due to fire. The solution also provides a fire alarm and the exact location of the fire for immediate and quick response.


Utilizes creation of reliable Radio Frequency (RF) transfer ‘Repeatable table’ for communication route.

Maintains and keeps the RF quality in its maximum quality state.

Utilizes analysis of wireless data transfers between the node, repeater, and router to find the shortest and optimal route.

Enables call-by-voice in case of an emergency for real-time communication.

Temperature sensors configured to detect temperatures in normal ranges and heatproof sensors to detect the temperature of fire and smoke.

Our safety devices and technology enable you to:

Enhance the effectiveness and speed of fire response through live information like temperature and smoke value detected by the device transmitted to the Fire Department.

Ensure compliance with fire audits and inspections so that occurrences of emergency events themselves are minimized.